G0bl!nGur1's $tuqid He@v3n

Song that I'm currently addicted to: Piggie

Favorite lyric(s): (insert the entire chorus here)

Songs I were obssesed with previously: Yandere, Worldwide Torture, Woah!! feat. kets4eki (PRE-SAVE GLITCH LEVEL 1!!!), Drama, Birthday B*tch, you broke me first, Princess Castle, Hello Kitty, Go Hard (La.La.La), another life, sippy cup (the mazie song, not the Melanie Martinez song), Better On Mute, Panic Attacks in Paradise, Stay the Night (song starts at 1:06 btw), Toxic, ROACHES, Party Like a Millionaire, Aishite Aishite Aishite, I Squeezed Out The Baby Yet I Have No Idea Who The Father Is

PLZ TAKE MY SURVEYS (esspecially if you have an account because I like looking at responces): My Quotev Surveys

Expect Stupidity (it's literally in the friggin name)

Things U Should Know About Me:

My antidepressant: MAZIE SUPREMASY!!!